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Let Us Swim in the Stream of Consciousness

August 23, 2008

Created in response to Ari’s most recent blog entry.
Tim Buckley is so gonna kick my ass


Bleakly Twenty

July 11, 2008


This post marks the twentieth installment of Bleakly, PI as well as the hundredth post here on Air Theremin!

Let there be great rejoicing.

Bleakly is as Bleakly Does (4)

June 16, 2008

 I fumbled around in my desk, working through the clutter to find my pen and well-worn notebook.

“Take it from the top, toots,” I said, riffling past the used pages and readying my pen.

For all her tears a few minutes earlier, she was cool now. Collected. Her gaze was firm, if tear-reddened.


Bleakly Three: Hannah

June 15, 2008

In all honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into his office. I’d heard everything about him- that he was insane. That he talked to himself. That he suffered delusions of grandeur and persecution.

That he was the fucking best.