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The Rememberer

October 19, 2010

“Ben,” I say to his small protruding head, “can you understand me?” and he stares with eyes like little droplets of tar and I drip tears into the pan, a sea of me.

Go read this excerpt from The Girl in the Flammable Skirt.

An Ottoman Anecdote

September 20, 2009

Selim I was emperor of the Ottoman state from 1512-1520. He is better known as Selim the Grim.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Mr. Grim was his conquest of the Mamluk empire in the Middle East – more than doubling the size of the Ottoman empire. After conquering the region, Selim rode home with his armies, leaving the former Mamluk empire in the control of one of its previous ruling class, instated as governor. One of Selim’s advisors asked the emperor why they had gone to the trouble to take over this new land if they were just leaving it in the control of its previous rulers. Selim turned to the advisor, drew his sword, and cut the man’s head off. Questioning the emperor was a grim business.

We Interrupt Rob’s Daily Life To Bring You:

October 14, 2008

Meanwhile. An absolutely incredible interactive story that I think I’ve almost got the optimal ending of.


The artwork is fantastic, the story is mindblowing, and the mechanism is ambitious. Easily one of the best things ever, and I’m not just saying that ’cause it involves time travel.

Tom Bleakly, Private Eye (5)

June 18, 2008

I sat awkwardly as he paced furiously around the little room, scribbling things on notecards and promptly discarding them.

He asked for what seemed like random minutia- phone numbers, hat sizes, favorite types of music. I was beginning to wonder- then all at once, he sat, scooped up his cell phone, and locked me in his gaze.

“Now tell me, with as much detail as you can, exactly how your father behaved and what he spoke about when last you saw him. The most microscopic detail may be of the utmost importance.”


Bleakly 1

June 10, 2008


It was a quiet night. At least, it was as quiet a night as this city ever saw; post-rush-hour traffic whispered raucously through the blinds, squabbled, honked, screamed, sirens occasionally shouting down the rest of the din… but at least no gunshots. Not yet.