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I Am Ever the Capitalist

November 19, 2008

I am selling my Descartes “iThink” t-shirts on ebay.  For prices that are pretty cheap for t-shirts.  If you would like one, just place a bid on your size of choice.

I am also selling some other stuff, as you can see from the above link.

Back from Vacation

July 1, 2008

Hi, blogpeople! By which I mean both people who blog, and people who read blogs. Here is a comic I created, based more or less verbatim on an actual conversation my brother and I had when he picked me up at the airport. For those of you who have been mercifully spared up to this point, I used to do a webcomic based on horrible puns. Against my better judgment, from time to time I still do. Click the thumbnail below to see the larger size!

Click for embiggenment!

I created a massload of comics while on vacation. It was really quite an inspirational experience! You can catch these comics with daily updates all week long over at my anything-goes webcomic: Whatever I Want to Do, Gosh.

It’s good to be back.