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Sci-Fi Comic Anthology Review

June 14, 2010

Today at TWIW I reviewed a sweet comic anthology of science fiction short stories, Exploded View from Cloudscape Comics.

I think you guys would particularly enjoy this anthology. It’s good.


Action Robot Doodles

August 1, 2008

I have done some Action Robot Doodles. There is also an Action Robot Desktop, for those of you with 1280×768 desktops. Download it via this link!

Action Robot Adventures #3

July 29, 2008

That’s right, folks: once again, it’s time for another installment of…

Go Action Robot! Apparently that is his name now.

Action Robot Adventures #2

July 11, 2008

It’s time for another installment of Action Robot Adventures! Yay!


Bleakly Seven

June 21, 2008

Hello! And thanks for reading Air Theremin. In order to try and make this story a little easier to read, I’ve scraped together the first chapter in one place and will put it in the next post.In the future, if you want to go back and read some Bleakly, all you have to do is click the “Thomas Bleakly” tag and you can go clear back to the beginning.

Hit the jump for the seventh installment of Thomas Bleakly, Private Eye.


Bleakly Six: Return of the Bleakly

June 19, 2008

Walking this city’s littered streets under its brown-gray sky is, like I said, my favorite part of a case. Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t miserable or dangerous. It’s just that this was the part where the bad guys were the thugs holding the guns. This was the simple part. Everything’s nice and clear-cut at that point. No moral ambiguity, so I didn’t have to feel bad about the things I was gonna do to those people… especially because I was gonna do it in self-defense.

Starting to get cheerful there, Bleakly. Gotta concentrate on that slug in your shoulder. Gotta concentrate on the way the cold cuts through that trenchcoat…

And there we go.