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Action Robot Adventures #5

October 3, 2008

Amazing Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser cartoon logo+Action Robot Adventures cartoon logo=


Rogers & Dalhausser: Now in Color

August 26, 2008

So I went ahead and colored in my logo design for The Amazing Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser. Now the USA men’s beach volleyball team looks twice as awesome as before.

(For those who didn’t see the original drawing: between Todd Rogers’ beard and sunglasses (and often backwards baseball cap) and Dalhausser’s tall lanky build and shaved head, I was struck by how easily these guys would lend themselves to cartoon likenesses. The idea built from there, and I decided to actually illustrate it.)

Rogers & Dalhausser

August 18, 2008

Lately I’ve been having fun watching the Olympics–which I probably would not be watching if it weren’t for my brother, but whatever. I really like watching our men’s beach volleyball team, Rogers and Dalhausser, in part because they’re a strong team whose styles complement each other well, but largely because of their visual presence. Rogers almost always wears sunglasses and has a goatee. He’s got this solid athlete build, not really stocky, but he certainly looks kinda stocky next to Dalhausser, who is this 6’9″ lanky guy with a shaved head. Dalhausser plays close to the net, spikes hard, and blocks like he’s working for Lego.

So visually, you’ve got the tall stocky guy with the beard, and the very tall lanky guy with the shaved head. They almost look like the stars of a comic series or something: The Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser.

Sports Reporters Eat Chinese Penis

August 9, 2008

So two sports reporters went to the Olympics and decided to bridge the cultural gap by dining at a restaurant that specializes in serving animal penis. It’s… something else. The best part I think is the fact that they stop halfway through because… well, you’ll see.

Click you.

Later edit: fixed the link, and also: I often include at least one tag in my posts that is random. In this case, I thought “emphysema” was random, as it was the first word that came to mind, but now I think that perhaps my brain was thinking about the Beijing pollution. Quit being smarter than me, brain.

A break from the inanity

July 18, 2008

Ari and I went to see Hellboy II the other day (awesome.). To get to the movie theater we go right by a pet store that I used to love as a kid, because they actually have puppies for sale. When I was a kid that was the ultimate awesome; puppies all lined up and adoreable. I kind of flinch now though, when i walk past pet stores like that. The thing is, there’s a real problem with where those puppies come from. In the western world we love dogs, so much that China has banned official olympic restaurants for selling dog meat to avoid offending foreign olympic goers. So why is it we let this happen?