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Just Realized Who The Mousetrap Was For

August 5, 2009

Touche, good sir. Touche, touche, touche.

That should be  a rap song. “Touche, touche, touche my tushy,” or something. I don’t know how often the kids today say ‘tushy’ but it would be okay in the song I know it.

Anyway, writing a time travel story to lure me back into writing? Clever as hell.

Of course that’s arrogant as all fuck but hey. I needed to come back. I’m not saying I’m back, but I’m not saying I’m not.

Anyway, hugs all around.

I can’t remember very much from the dream I had last night, but there was a nude hug orgy in a pool. It’s a unique feeling to be held afloat by multiple other people.

In my dream last night my father’s mental breakdown had progressed very, very far. This was probably because I watched ‘Choke’ last night and was thinking about what it would be like to lose a parent to dementia. The strangest thing was the way his face changed. So much about a person’s features, so many of the things we love about a person consist not in the pure physical features but what they do with them. My father’s face looked almost like a different man’s. He was pale, his eyes crinkled constantly in concentration and occasionally childish amusement. He had a steady job, one that didn’t require him to think too much. He ordered hypoallergenic adult products from Amazon and eBay and resold them elsewhere for huge profit.

The underground parking garage wasn’t just a parking garage. It was a free parking garage and automated psychic reading. Whenever you drove in through the gate, the machine would spit out an envelope at you, containing a printed message, item of media, or some piece of someone else’s life like an expired driver’s license or old love note. Everyone thought the psychic part was bullshit, of course, but it was free parking in the city, and the fortunes were often amusing, disturbing or otherwise interesting.

My girlfriend and I are very happy right now. There is nothing in the universe I love more than the look in her eyes when our faces are close.

She has a lot of old pain that surfaces occasionally and I can only help however I can. It hurts that there isn’t more I can do to soothe her without risking losing her and our life together altogether. It would be more romantic if I just took the risks to soothe her heart, but the possibility of even greater pain as a result could destroy her. I cannot let that happen.

I’m sleeping in really late lately, but it’s nice to finally sleep at all. I’ve been staying up late then waking up early, so having a couple days off to catch up on sleep is a good thing.

I love you all. Colin, stay strong. You’re a badass, and you’re gonna get it together, I know it.

Jenny, you’re a one-of-a-kind gal, and you didn’t really post here that often. I wish you well.

Alright, kids. Let’s do this.



November 5, 2008

We stand on the brink of a new era. America is kissed by the dawn of a bright new sun. We may finally move on from the tragedy and heartbreak of division and war; we stand prepared to take back our civil rights to free speech, privacy, rationality, and freedom from fear. We may finally, as a nation, take responsibility for our actions, and begin to make amends.

Which brings us to the crimes of President George W. Bush.

President Bush suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus. This deprives all American citizens of their fundamental rights to petition the government for justice; to their right to speedy trial, with representation, before a jury of their peers; to live without fear of their government; and to hold their government accountable for its actions. This action on its own deprives every American citizen of virtually every right for which our forefathers gave their very lives, and for which our men and women in the military continue to fight, and die, every single day.

President George W. Bush instilled a sense of terror into the people of America, infecting the hearts and minds of this great people, associating the religion of Islam with fascism, liberals with weakness, and independent rational thought with death.

President George W. Bush implicitly, if not explicitly, approved of and defended war crimes of the most grevious nature. He sullied the very meaning of the word ‘democracy’ by implying that torture, terror, and dishonesty are acceptable under the guise of bringing democracy to the countries of the world.

No rational being can deny the existence, breadth, and horror of this man’s crimes. America must recognize this as it develops its new culture of change and renewal. To ignore President Bush’s crimes against United States law and against humanity itself would be a fundamentally immoral act.

However, we must also recognize that the fault does not lie with this one man, alone. It is vital we do not make that all-too-tempting mistake of declaring President George W. Bush our scapegoat and consider our own consciences clear. It is vital we collectively acknowledge our culpability in the horrors of the last eight years.

We elected him, or allowed him to be elected. Even if he secured power by unethical means, we stood by as he wielded America’s name in a manner, and for causes, profoundly unamerican, in ways that would make our founding fathers weep, if only they knew. For our forefathers established this nation as revolutionaries, rejecting a king who wielded absolute authority. We allowed a tyrant to lead a nation founded as a fundamental rejection of tyranny. It is not comfortable to admit, but this was your fault. And it was mine.

And so I call for America to hold George W. Bush, our nation’s forty-third president, accuontable for the last eight years.

And I call for President-Elect Barack Obama, who is destined to be our nation’s forty-fourth president, to pardon George W. Bush for his crimes against humanity and the United States of America. I call on our nation’s next President to take this opportunity– not because President Bush is not guilty of bringing more darkness and more evil into the world than we have seen since the rule of a few notable dictators– but because the rest of America is guilty, too, and to pretend we are not, simply by condemning the very tyrant in whose transgressions we are ALL complicit, is an irrational and dangerous path to tread.

The Presidency is not just a job; it is a symbol. It is a sullied symbol now; surely, at no point in history has the Oval Office been associated with such shame and nationwide guilt. But exorcising the evils that now pervade the White House will be a more complicated process than merely casting blame and washing our hands. Furthermore, the acceptance of a Presidential pardon is an implicit admission of guilt. If George W. Bush accepts a Presidential pardon, that’s good enough for me– all I require from him, and indeed from every American, is an admission of wrongdoing and the courage and determination to pursue positive change. Furthermore, enough Americans, wrong though they may be, believe that President Bush is not guilty of these crimes– and I think it’s more important to acknowledge his crimes and move on, than to spend millions of dollars on a process that may even clear him of the heinous things he has done. We need to unify as Americans. A Presidential pardon is an opportunity to do so without denying all wrongdoing.

President-Elect Obama, millions of Americans– and billions worldwide– look to your imminent Presidency as an opportunity to restore America to its former glory. You take the helm at a time when America is embroiled deep in dark and boiling waters. We look to you, Mister President-Elect, to lead us in taking responsibility for the evils inflicted on the world in our name. America has one chance to admit guilt, accept responsibility, and engender real and lasting change. 

My hopes, my dreams, and my faith in this country go with you. The ball is in your court, President-Elect Obama.


Obama Hussein

October 9, 2008

You know what’s amazing?  The people who honestly think that the similarity of “Obama” to “Osama” means something.  Or that his middle name means something (actually it means “beautiful”).  Or even that “Biden” is close to “Bin Laden” (I have heard this one.)  Of course, this is all just racism masquerading as a conspiracy theory.  But seriously, this belief is like fricking astrology.  It’s like, his parents must have named him Obama, which is close to Osama, because… they knew he would one day grow up to be an undercover muslim terrorist in America and… they wanted to clue people in to that by naming him something close to Osama Bin Laden?  Was Bin Laden even around at the time?  I mean, what exactly is the theory here?

My apartment complex is Carriage House East.  This proves that my landlord is a communist.  I mean, you just have to read between the lines, man.  Carriage House East.  C-H-E.  Che, man.  Che.  Granted, she didn’t name the complex.  But she must have known about the connection when she got hired here.  I mean, it’s all there for you to see.  Laid out in secret code.

People will say anything to couch their racism in the more-acceptable-but-completely-ridiculous.

“That one” is scary.

P.S. My computer is in the shop for several weeks.  I’m sharing The Girlfriend’s computer, now.  This means less Air Theremining, but good chance it means more writing, as I’ll be bored whenever she’s using it.  You guys could pick up the slack some in the 55 forum, if’n it suited ya.


October 8, 2008

Okay, now, whichever side you’re on politically, doesn’t it suck living in a guaranteed-blue or guaranteed-red state? I’m in New York, and if Obama loses it, he’s already lost at least 40 other states and is screwed. So proselytizing here for either side makes no difference whatsoever.

That’s why I’m going to phone-bank. I’m going to call some swing states (with my free nights and weekends!) and try to do some convincing. I know that Obama will give you lists of people to call and a basic script to use, and I’m assuming McCain will too.

If you’re interested in doing your part to swing a swing state to your respective side, go here for Obama or go here for McCain.

Talk. Discuss issues. Link people to terrorists. (Which, surprisingly, both sides can do, if they stretch enough.) Let’s talk this out, talk it down, talk about this one or that one.

GOTV: Get out the vote. (That would also make a good name for a television channel. Unless it was about a Chinese board game. That would not be as fun.)

For the love of God.

September 26, 2008

We’ve got a country to run, people. And you’re just not taking this seriously enough. Get informed, make a decision, and for the love of God, vote with your head and your conscience. 

Many of you may have not spent more then ten minutes doing research on this election. For those of you who do not follow the news regularly, I urge you to watch this short, informative video on the Presidential nominee who is currently leading the polls.

Setting The Record Straight

September 18, 2008

I promise I won’t turn this blog totally political.

I was talking to my friend today. He said, “The only thing Obama has released so far is his economic plan,” and “he always says “change” but he never says what.”

Uh, if you’re interested, you can find these things out. Ignorance isn’t an excuse with the internet, folks. If you like him, hate him, don’t care, you should still know what the hell Barack Obama is planning on doing with our country.

And he’s conveniently come clean on such issues as Civil Rights, Defense, Disabilities, The Economy and Taxes, Education, Energy & The Environment, Ethics, Faith, Family, Fiscal Policy, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Immigration, Iraq, Poverty, Rural Issues, Service, Seniors & Social Security, Technology (INCLUDING NET NEUTRALITY), Urban Policy, Veterans, Women, and more.

Trash on him. Hate him. Vote McCain. I don’t care. But at the very least understand what you’re saying and who you’re saying it about. Educate yourselves.

That is all.