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Guess what time it is?

September 12, 2008

It’s time for a tasty little drop of Bleakly.

More inbound to hit sporadically over the weekend, as I’ve finally outlined the upcoming subplots to the degree I feel happy with them.

I love all you guys and I promise I’m gonna write for you more. ‘Cause it’s fun for you (hopefully) and fun for me (definitely.)

Bleakly Twenty-one

July 14, 2008

Twenty One Installments of Bleakly on the wall,
Take one down, pass it around,
I just posted another bleakly on the wall

Bleakly Sixteen

July 2, 2008

shh I am going to sleep now



Bleakly Fifteen

June 30, 2008

New Bleakly Here!

Thanks to me being bored this morning, quality on this mofo is bigger and better! Also, I proofread and added some stuff to Bleakly 14! I know it’s supposed to be a serial thing but I view it more as a novel-in-progress.

Don’t worry, I won’t retcon anything major. Just spelling and bad writing.


Bleakly Twelve

June 26, 2008
I did my best to calm and comfort her. I made tea, brought a blanket in from my car, and began mentally compiling any scrap of information that could help me figure out exactly what was wrong with Thomas. She finished telling me what she knew over a cup of tea. She told me everything- she’d gone to Bleakly, Bleakly had poked around. She’d bought him a sandwich.

He liked her, and it wasn’t hard to see why. She was earnest, intelligent, and heartbroken.

I shook my head. “The question is, where is he now? I know he hasn’t abandoned you or your father.I know Tom. He wouldn’t abandon a case. ” Especially not with a beautiful, heartbroken woman involved.



Bleakly Eleven

June 25, 2008
I was holed up in one of the few places I knew I would be really safe. I was in the dirtiest part of the city’s worst slum, where there are just two types of people who don’t get ripped off and torn apart:the synth-juicers with arms bigger around than my chest… and the insane. Luckily for me, I fell into the latter category.


Bleakly Ten

June 25, 2008
It’s a short one today, but it’s still technically a page long.

I woke up two days later, face-down in the scum that collects on the floors of restrooms in bars of sufficient dinginess. I pushed myself up from the floor and realized I’d been using broken bits of mirror as a pillow.



Bleakly Nine

June 24, 2008
“Do you know why they outlawed the ShockCollar, Bleakly?”

 At this point, I’m pretty sure my brain was on “Record-only” mode. I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to respond. I was having a pretty bad day, and for me… for me, that’s saying a lot. “I was having a bad day,” said the guy for whom having a good day meant throwing up less than twice and not getting shot at.

 So yeah. If I responded, it was probably by spitting up blood.




Bleakly Recap: Digitally Remastered

June 21, 2008

Here’s Chapter 1 of Bleakly recapped and polished in places. For now, this is the definitive first nine pages of Thomas Bleakly, Private Eye.


Bleakly Seven

June 21, 2008

Hello! And thanks for reading Air Theremin. In order to try and make this story a little easier to read, I’ve scraped together the first chapter in one place and will put it in the next post.In the future, if you want to go back and read some Bleakly, all you have to do is click the “Thomas Bleakly” tag and you can go clear back to the beginning.

Hit the jump for the seventh installment of Thomas Bleakly, Private Eye.