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Jackson’s Art of the Bluh Bluh

April 25, 2011

Homestuck Fanart - Vriska Serket cosplays Jade Harley, while Jade cosplays Vriska

More Homestuck Fan Art? You come here again and I’ll clobber you, Jackson.

Jade Harley and Vriska Serket attempt to be each other, with mixed success. A sequel of sorts to this other Homestuck fan art. Special thanks to Gryfft for background inspiration and feedback.

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Oh wait. Don’t go yet. You can click on the fanart image above and download it in Super Desktop Size.

Okay, now you can go.

Jackson’s Art of the Day

March 31, 2011

Rose and Kanaya from Homestuck crib a page from each other’s stylebooks.

Available in Big Dang Desktop size: click on the image for download!

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Magical Orange Tic-Tacs

November 17, 2010

I love orange tic-tacs.

MS Paint Adventures is like a magical, opaque box of orange tic-tacs. It generates an orange tic-tac at random intervals.

They are so tiny and delicious that in no time whatsoever you have eaten them all. So you put the box down for a little while, but in a matter of time you are back, checking the box for tic-tacs. Maybe there is a new tic-tac. Naybe there are five! Maybe there are none at all.

The only way to know for sure is to check the box again.

No, there aren’t any new tic-tacs.

Maybe there will be if you check once more.

Farting Around with my Tablet

October 30, 2010

Homestuck fan art.


September 12, 2010
Why MSPaint Adventures Is Awesome
And Why You Should Read It
MSPaint Adventures is a webcomic written and drawn by Andrew Hussie. But it’s not just any webcomic, oh no. MSPA is a masterpiece wrapped in a gimmick dipped in postmodernism and stretching out for thousands of epic pages. MSPA is daunting at first, ridiculous in every single way, and absolutely-and-a-half worth the time investment to catch up.
It all started with a detective, alone in his office, waiting for the next job to come his way.
Click for Problem Sleuth.