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New Sketch Comedy feature: the Sketchy Activity Daily

June 13, 2011

This is a new project: Sketchy Activity Daily. For fifteen minutes every weekday, I will draw something and post it up on the internets–specifically, those internets which are related to Sketch Comedy. The drawing will probably be silly.

Some drawings will post at the Sketch Comedy website, all of them will post at Sketch Comedy’s Facebook page, and Friday’s Sketch Activity Daily will be a Subscribers’ Edition exclusive. And will I post some of them here on Air Theremin too, from time to time? Probably.

See, here is one already. We are off to a good start.


The Monetezation Problem

February 6, 2010

Charlie Stross writes about the pending troubles with monetization for fiction writers.

This is interesting because we spend a lot of time mulling this over in relation to the web fiction world — how do we monetize — but Charlie Stross, over in the world of legit published authors, is contemplating the same difficulty in his future.

The comments are particularly enlightening, because they show us a set of intelligent people who are confronting this problem for the first time. They have no idea that there are writers like AE who are making their living writing fiction on the web.

I feel like the population of commenters there represents an opportunity for those of us involved with web fiction, but I’m not entirely sure how.