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You know what would be incredibly, like amazingly kick-ass awesometastically awesome?

August 17, 2008

An entire army of adorable kittens armed with bows and arrows.

Tiny little fuzzy adorable arrows filling the air.

Kitten-y death.

My Classes

August 1, 2008

I registered for my first sememster of classes in Library and Information Science today. I told Ari what they were and he said “those are the most boring sounding classes I’ve ever heard of.” Here they are, for your reading pleasure.

IST 511 Introduction to the Library and Information Profession
IST 601 Information and Information Environments
IST 605 Reference and Information Literacy Services
IST 614 Management Principles for Information Professionals

It’s okay though, because I’m going to a school called the iSchool.

I mean, I’ve heard that Australia could be intense with like poisonous snakes and stuff, but…

July 20, 2008

I didn’t know that kangaroos were a deadly weapon.

Not to mention this.

I mean.


A break from the inanity

July 18, 2008

Ari and I went to see Hellboy II the other day (awesome.). To get to the movie theater we go right by a pet store that I used to love as a kid, because they actually have puppies for sale. When I was a kid that was the ultimate awesome; puppies all lined up and adoreable. I kind of flinch now though, when i walk past pet stores like that. The thing is, there’s a real problem with where those puppies come from. In the western world we love dogs, so much that China has banned official olympic restaurants for selling dog meat to avoid offending foreign olympic goers. So why is it we let this happen?

Did you miss me? (Rabid birds)

July 18, 2008

So I work at a library. This summer, part of my job is helping with the children’s summer reading program. (By helping I mean bribing children with prizes for reading books when they don’t have to). Yesterday, Moreland the Magician came to the library to put on a magic show as part of the program. I didn’t get to see the show. But I was there right before it, when the aforementioned magician came to my desk and asked if he could rubber cement some feathers to the wall as part of his act. (Not having wall/rubber cement clearance, I had to refer him to another staff member.) I was also there right after the show, when the twice aforementioned magician marched his entire audience (primarily children about ages three to ten) into the children’s section and said, in a semi-fake Australian accent, “Okay kids, let’s see if we can find where the rabid bird hit the wall!”

I was going to try to say something clever but I think I’ll just leave it at that.

New Series of 55s from Gretchen Chapman-Collins: Photograph 1 and Photograph 2

July 9, 2008

So apparently Gretchen’s writing image-istic 55s from the perspective of a photographer. Here’re the first two:

Photograph 1

by Gretchen Chapman-Collins

The river, finally, swollen from the melting of the last spring snow. It was the river from his childhood, the one he had seen in the gutter, in the city streets, foaming and cocky with muddy rain. Like it could be so much bigger, a river. Like it could swallow him, the city, the world.

Photograph 2

by Gretchen Chapman-Collins

The snow almost covers the outlines, but occasionally something pushes through, some rusted, jagged edge of a something that used to be something. Junk, in the winter, abandoned. As he takes in the metal gleams against the white, he can’t shake the feeling that they’re drowning. Can’t shake the feeling that they’re calling for help.