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People have some funny ideas about combat

August 30, 2011

Mostly I just wanted someone to witness my internet pwnage.

fencer attacked by a longsword


Keeping up with Jackson (final sketches from 2009)

March 15, 2011

moleskine sketch journal -- back study for stencil

moleskine sketch journal -- crosse guard fencing
moleskine sketch journal -- forehand ward fencing

moleskine sketch journal -- swetnam's true guard fencing

moleskine sketch journal -- lazie guard fencing

The beginning

June 9, 2010


This sketch began my intermittent sketch-journaling. I’m on the third journal at the moment — but I never finish them. The last 10 pages or so of each are blank.

I’m not sure you’ll find this as awesome as I do….

December 31, 2008

Spanish Counters to Italian Fencing: