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What MY dreams have been like lately.

March 27, 2009

There is a ship that putts around the star systems. It arrives at a planet expected to be bustling, but finds no sign of life. It turns out that somebody on the planet was churning out some kind of pollutant known as ‘mud.’ When this came to the empire’s (emperor’s?) attention, he swiftly kicked them back into the stone age – so although many people died, there are more still clinging to the planet’s surface, but with no means to communicate off-planet.

Our own ship (with a crew of 1/2 dozen or so) has a component that leaks a small amount of ‘mud’ if it is not jiggled fairly regularly by hand (it is accessed from outside the ship). The captain, a stern, fit, bald, middle aged fellow does this every time the ship reaches a destination. The pollution is too small to have any impact or draw any negative attention, but it makes the crew queasy to think about – ‘mud’ has a bad reputation.

Apparently it collects in a thin coating on some kind of dome shaped apparatus (for navigation?), that are based in larger planetary systems. I don’t know what else it does.

Crew members have only 2 sets of clothing – their work around the ship clothes and a dress suit. I believe that they are some kind of minor contractor with the imperial navy. Perhaps they do jobs too dinky to send a ship with a full complement out to.

Shipmate interactions:

One crewmate needles another about wearing the dress suit planetside:

“Well, I’d rather be over-dressed than under-dressed”

“Some of the places I go, I AM over-dressed!” (I get the impression work clothes are pretty shoddy/super-casual)

“Captain went out to jiggle the COM module.”

“Don’t call it the ‘COM module,’ that’s redundant.”

“What would you like me to call it, then? The Communications Module?”

“No, because that’s not what it is – you could call it ‘the COM,'”

“Or I cold call it the COM module.”

“Or I could call it your mother’s teat and send you outside for a drink!”

The COM is a Communications Observation Module, and what it does is monitor all communications that can be received from the ship’s location. It uses triangulation based on the ship’s motion to determine exactly where the ship is at a given point (kind of a galactic GPS). Obviously, this works best in densely populated areas, and poorly out in the boondocks. Knowing where you are is mostly a combination of the COM and knowing where you ought to be based on the flight plans.


A Literary Dream

November 23, 2008

So I dreamt last night that there was a new novel by Joyce Carol Oates.  Which is odd, considering I’ve never read anything by her.  I’m thinking maybe my dream confused her with James Joyce.  Anyway, her book, which was called something like “My Words”, was a big postmodern gimmick.  The idea was to write a book in which not a single sentence was a full grammatical sentence.  That was what the gimmick was stated to be in the dream, but the actual sentences, upon waking and remembering, were more like the sentences from the various stream-of-consciousness posts we’ve put up here at Air Theremin.  (Here, here, here, and an illustrated version here.)  Unfortunately, I don’t entirely remember the sentences, though I did upon waking.  I oughtta keep a notebook and pen by my bedside for next time something like this happens, because there have definitely been such dreams before.

So in the dream, I was reading the book in a Barnes and Noble, and I was delighted at how Oates had crafted her sentences so that individually they didn’t make sense but together there was a pattern and even a story.  And then I read some reviews that were negative, and made me feel bad for liking the book, but whatever.  I went to tell Jackson, and he had been looking for me to tell me about it, so we talked about it.  Then I repeated the process with Gryfft with the same results.  Then I woke up.

Cool dream.

Oh, and this all reminds me of another dream I had a few years ago, in which I invented a word.  In that dream, there was a word someone used that I didn’t understand: “sepcite”.  I wandered in the dream until I found someone who could explain it to me.  It meant “a node of information on a vast network”.  I still intend to use that word in my writing somewhere, but haven’t found the right place.  It would be fun to play with it and make the word mean a dream as a node of information on some kind of mass-consciousness dream network.

An idea for another (non-existent) time.

Dreamt Philosophical Wax

October 22, 2008

I dreamt last night that I was being chased by someone.  That someone turned out to be a strange, dark version of myself, a bit pudgier, and with a full beard. (Actually, in retrospect, he looked like The Girlfriend’s cousin; such is the way of dreams.)  He chased me through a city at night (looked like NYC).  (My dreams always happen specifically at night or during the day.  Never thought about that before.)

He caught up with me in a subway station underground.  Only then did I realize he was just a different version of myself.

“We’re so alone all the time,” he said to me.  “Even though you and I are almost the same person.”

“Well,” I said, “with certain people, we can at least be alone together.”

He headed towards double doors at the end of the subway platform.  He opened them and beckoned towards me.  I looked in and saw that it opened into unused subway tunnels.  Though it’s something I’ve always wanted to explore in real life, I was afraid.  It was pitch black in there, the darkest I’ve ever seen in a dream.  “I can’t go in there,” I said.  “There’s no light.”  He turned on a flashlight, lighting up a very small portion of it.  I shook my head no and ran.

My interpretation?   My subconsious is telling me it’s time to start writing again.

My Subconscious Is A Sloganeer

September 20, 2008

Several nights ago I had a dream wherein I had an Idea.  The Idea was this: there should be a special holiday where instead of giving gifts, we just have sex.  This struck me in the dream as a brilliant idea.  I went around my dream high school cafeteria, telling all my dream friends, “I call it SeX-Mas.  It’s like Christmas… but with sex!”