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Keeping up with Jackson (final sketches from 2009)

March 15, 2011

moleskine sketch journal -- back study for stencil

moleskine sketch journal -- crosse guard fencing
moleskine sketch journal -- forehand ward fencing

moleskine sketch journal -- swetnam's true guard fencing

moleskine sketch journal -- lazie guard fencing


Further sketches from 2009

March 8, 2011

Moleskine sketch journal -- back with hands

moleskine sketch journal - woman in bathing suit

moleskine sketch journal - girl in cafeteria

More sketchage

July 15, 2010

Further sketches from 2009

Moleskine sketch journal -- crappy portrait

I wasn't happy with this one -- I crossed it out

moleskine sketch journal -- portraits from life

We had some guest speakers in class.

Starting the 2009 sketchbook

July 7, 2010

I use these moleskine journals. They’re about 30 pages with a cardboard cover. The real reason I use them is that they fit in my back pocket. I go through phases of carrying one everywhere.

2009 moleskine sketch journal cover

2009 moleskine sketch journal drawing

2009 moleskine sketch journal drawing of woman's back

More sketches

June 21, 2010

I’m trying to be a little more open. These are some of the sketches that are not hot shit. But they’re ok. and I think they help show the way I think, the way I draw, or at least the breadth of my messing around.

Moleskine sketch book drawing -- car jump

moleskine sketch journal drawing -- golem

moleskine sketch journal drawing -- orchidmoleskine sketch journal drawing -- girl

I use moleskine journal sketchbooks. They fit in my back pocket and come in packs of three.

Sketch — 2008

June 14, 2010
Journal sketch, 2008

Tibetan Protesters 2008

The beginning

June 9, 2010


This sketch began my intermittent sketch-journaling. I’m on the third journal at the moment — but I never finish them. The last 10 pages or so of each are blank.

Liz Lemon

May 13, 2010

I heart 30 Rock.

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) from 30 Rock

Especially the Liz Lemon part of 30 Rock.

Prinny Link

March 29, 2010
Prinny Link, nemesis of Prinny Ganon and hero of the Prinny Legend of Zelda

Prinny Link, nemesis of Prinny Ganon and hero of the Prinny Legend of Zelda

Don’t suppose you’ve ever played any of the Disgaea series. Well, you’ve probably played some Legend of Zelda and stuff. That’s cool. I like video games.

Sketched while in Church

March 21, 2010

People in the pews