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Farting Around with my Tablet

October 30, 2010

Homestuck fan art.


Bleakly Nineteen

July 9, 2008

Bleakly, PI’s nineteenth installment is up for Wednesday early here!

Next installment will be up Friday.

Bleakly Nine

June 24, 2008
“Do you know why they outlawed the ShockCollar, Bleakly?”

 At this point, I’m pretty sure my brain was on “Record-only” mode. I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to respond. I was having a pretty bad day, and for me… for me, that’s saying a lot. “I was having a bad day,” said the guy for whom having a good day meant throwing up less than twice and not getting shot at.

 So yeah. If I responded, it was probably by spitting up blood.




Bleakly Eight

June 23, 2008
I always loved the conveyor sidewalks. I mean, sure, they were outside and you could hardly breathe out there those days, and half the time they were under maintenance, but it really was the only way to see the city; under the skyscrapers, you looked up at the sky, and on the off chance the clouds were thin enough, it was almost like the buildings were reaching up to embrace the moon…

‘Course, most days, it was more like a grimy hand reaching up toward nothing at all.



Bleakly Recap: Digitally Remastered

June 21, 2008

Here’s Chapter 1 of Bleakly recapped and polished in places. For now, this is the definitive first nine pages of Thomas Bleakly, Private Eye.