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What up, Thereminites?

May 24, 2010

What’s cookin’?


Awesome-Dinosaur Fiction

July 16, 2009

I keep waiting for Ari to link to this, but apparently it falls to me.

Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs

Discovered via a link from your friend and mine, Dinosaur Comics. When a story begins with the line “‘I want to buy a gun,’ said the Thymomenoraptor,” you can tell it is going to be good. And that’s a hard line to top, but all in all the story does a good job of living up to expectations.

Doubleplus Alan Moore

March 26, 2009

A great paragraph making fun of 1984-speak, from Alan Moore’s “Black Dossier”:


Docs after in olspeak.  Untruth, make-ups only.  Make-ups make THOUGHTCRIME.  Careful.  Supervisor rank or not to read.  This warn you.  THOUGHTCRIME in docs after.  SEXCRIME in docs after.  Careful.  If self excited, report.  If other excited, report.  Everything report.  Withold accurate report is INFOCRIME.  This warn you.  Are you authorised, if no stop read now!  Make report!  We know.  Careful.  Any resemblance, living or dead, is ungood.  Make report.  If fail make report, is INFOCRIME.  Make report.  If report made on failing to make report, this paradox.  Paradox is LOGICRIME.  Do not do anything.  Do not fail to do anything.  This warn you.  Why you nervous?  Was it you?  We know.  IMPORTANT: Do not read next sentence.  This sentence for official inspect only.  Now look.  Now don’t.  Now look.  Now don’t.  Careful.  Everything not banned compulsory.  Everything not compulsory banned.  Viewes expressed within not necessarily those of publishers, editors, writers, characters.  You did it.  We know.  This warn you.

We Interrupt Rob’s Daily Life To Bring You:

October 14, 2008

Meanwhile. An absolutely incredible interactive story that I think I’ve almost got the optimal ending of.


The artwork is fantastic, the story is mindblowing, and the mechanism is ambitious. Easily one of the best things ever, and I’m not just saying that ’cause it involves time travel.

Just a Child II: Know Your Strength

July 18, 2008

(An illustrated 55-word story, inspired by previous writings)

“What was I thinking?” Chris asked the empty locker room, towel-drying his hair furiously. “Of course she knows Doctor Schaffer. She’s only class head! She probably thinks I’m retarded.” He stood.

Chris swore, punching the locker. He felt his claws flick, and when he saw three thin holes in the metal, he swore again.

A break from the inanity

July 18, 2008

Ari and I went to see Hellboy II the other day (awesome.). To get to the movie theater we go right by a pet store that I used to love as a kid, because they actually have puppies for sale. When I was a kid that was the ultimate awesome; puppies all lined up and adoreable. I kind of flinch now though, when i walk past pet stores like that. The thing is, there’s a real problem with where those puppies come from. In the western world we love dogs, so much that China has banned official olympic restaurants for selling dog meat to avoid offending foreign olympic goers. So why is it we let this happen?


July 11, 2008

Momma always told me I’d grow up to do new and amazing things.

“Be a doctor,” she said. “Study real hard and maybe you’ll get a scholarship at one of them good colleges.”


How cool is this?

July 8, 2008

Famous movies re-enacted in Grand Theft Auto IV?

I’m there.

Bleakly Deux

June 14, 2008

And goddamn was it the hottest robot I’ve seen in my blighted life.

She lit up the room with a synthetic glow under her realer-than-realistic skin; her eyes shimmered darkly as she tossed waist-length blond platinum “hair” across shoulders embraced by a woefully opaque “skin”-tight dress. The air crackled around her, microscopic static discharges that made everything- well, some things- in the room stand on end. When she spoke it was like hearing a vinyl record of every woman  you ever wanted speak at once; this fact distracted me so much I asked her to repeat herself.