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First Day of Vacation

August 5, 2010

Phill said I ought to blog this up, so blog it up I shall. I’ve been on vacation this week, and the vacationing began on an exciting note.

My brother and parents and I got in to Hilton Head Saturday night. This morning, we decided to do a little swimming. Dad and brother and I got out in the waves, swam around a bit, noting that the currents were pretty strong. My dad was telling me about an article he’d read about an extended jellyfish season due to the weather patterns this summer. Then, changing the subject, he remarked that the current was strong enough that you could probably swim in place against it. So, I tried that.

For about two seconds.

“Ow! Son of a–” It felt like I’d thrust my hand up to my elbow into a rosebush and jerked it out. “F#$@!”

My left arm stinging with pain, I headed for shore. My mom and I decided to head back to the house and check WebMD for the best first aid for jellyfish stings. We left my dad and brother, and back at the house, my mom gave me a bag of ice for my arm while I leeched off the neighbors’ internet connection to do some jellyfish research.

So, I’m reading to myself: “‘Soak or rinse the area in vinegar…If you do not have vinegar available, rinse in sea water…’ Huh. ‘Fresh water will cause the nematocysts to continue to release their toxin. For the same reason, do not rub the area, apply ice or hot water.‘”

I ditched the bag of ice posthaste.

My mom and I went back to the water to soak my arm in the shallows for a bit. It worked like a charm, and in less than half an hour the stinging had subsided. Most of the red stinging marks on my arm were gone in two days.

So, for your utility and convenience, I present Jackson’s Secret Jellyfish Safety Tips from the Internet:

  • Box jellyfish have highly toxic stings and are super-bad news. Get medical help if you are stung by a box jellyfish. Wikipedia can tell you what a box jellyfish is.
  • Whatever the jellyfish, rinse the stung area with vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar will neutralize the nematocysts–the stinging cells in the jellyfish’s tentacles. If you don’t have any vinegar handy, 70% isopropyl alcohol or sea water will do.
  • Don’t rinse the area with fresh water. This will just make the unfired cells release their toxin. Likewise, don’t ice the wound, and don’t use hot water.
  • You can remove tentacles from the wound with a pair of tweezers, a stick, or rubber gloves.
  • You might think that the uric acid content in pee might make it a fine substitute for vinegar, or maybe you’ve just seen that one episode of Friends. Not so! Urine also causes unfired nematocysts to discharge. Don’t pee on the sting.
  • Firefox, by default, does not recognize “nematocysts” as a real word and will suggest that you replace it with “cinematography.” What the heck, Firefox?

If you would like more information, you can visit the same pages that I did:

Safe swimming, y’all. Jackson out.

Biweekly Thereminite Meetings

June 21, 2010

Last week I bounced the idea off all y’all of having biweekly Thereminite meetings in gchat, and the overall response was well-disposed. We’ll be talking about the cool things we’ve been up to and the cool things that we’d like to be up to in the future. Based on people’s availability, I’d like to suggest that we hold the first meeting on Thursday, July 1st at 8:30 PM EST.

If that works for you, let me know. If that doesn’t work for you, also let me know. I’m thinking we’ll need a quorum of at least 3 out of 4 peoples to have a good meeting.

What up, Thereminites?

May 24, 2010

What’s cookin’?

Action Robot mini-adventure

February 17, 2009

This past weekend I went to the Navigators’ annual President’s Conference, and while there, I had the opportunity to draw an Action Robot adventure on an index card.


I intended for there to be a third “beat” panel where the robot is gone at the end, but I ran out of room on the index card.

Action Robot Adventures #5

October 3, 2008

Amazing Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser cartoon logo+Action Robot Adventures cartoon logo=

Rogers & Dalhausser: Now in Color

August 26, 2008

So I went ahead and colored in my logo design for The Amazing Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser. Now the USA men’s beach volleyball team looks twice as awesome as before.

(For those who didn’t see the original drawing: between Todd Rogers’ beard and sunglasses (and often backwards baseball cap) and Dalhausser’s tall lanky build and shaved head, I was struck by how easily these guys would lend themselves to cartoon likenesses. The idea built from there, and I decided to actually illustrate it.)

Rogers & Dalhausser

August 18, 2008

Lately I’ve been having fun watching the Olympics–which I probably would not be watching if it weren’t for my brother, but whatever. I really like watching our men’s beach volleyball team, Rogers and Dalhausser, in part because they’re a strong team whose styles complement each other well, but largely because of their visual presence. Rogers almost always wears sunglasses and has a goatee. He’s got this solid athlete build, not really stocky, but he certainly looks kinda stocky next to Dalhausser, who is this 6’9″ lanky guy with a shaved head. Dalhausser plays close to the net, spikes hard, and blocks like he’s working for Lego.

So visually, you’ve got the tall stocky guy with the beard, and the very tall lanky guy with the shaved head. They almost look like the stars of a comic series or something: The Adventures of Rogers and Dalhausser.

Action Robot Adventures #3

July 29, 2008

That’s right, folks: once again, it’s time for another installment of…

Go Action Robot! Apparently that is his name now.

Action Jackson Adventures

July 16, 2008

Today I decided to go exploring. I packed a backpack with the following items:

  • lunch: a tuna sandwich, a sliced apple, and a pack of six crackers,
  • a nalgene-style bottle of water,
  • my Bible,
  • The Rejection Collection (an anthology of cartoons that were rejected by The New Yorker), and
  • my cell phone.

I set out at 11:40 AM, with a 7-ounce Fla-vor-ice pop in hand, and began walking.


Action Robot Adventures #2

July 11, 2008

It’s time for another installment of Action Robot Adventures! Yay!