Bus Crash Scenario

When this bus overturns and the emergency exit jams and those still conscious are trapped inside it’ll be just like a movie. The old professor sitting behind me will try to view the whole situation as a logic problem. The goateed young Indian man next to him is an egotistical hothead who will learn… some kind of valuable lesson. The bus drver will panic, but the old lady who’s up front talking to him right now will show surprising inner strength and imperiously command him to calm. I’m not sure about the huge Black guy with the bad teeth who’s off by himself in the corner seat even though it’s a crowded train, probably alone because he’s talking to himself and laughing at the responses. Will he (like we all fear he will now) stop holding in his barely-restrained violence, or will he be a gentle wise misunderstood giant like in Green Mile or Forrest Gump (though Tom Hanks is no giant, at least physically). We’ll probably need the woman wearing scrubs over there if people are hurt or unconscious, and the girl in the hoodie is a journalism student who will record everythng. Maybe she and I wi-

“Hey everyone, he’s awake! Listen, our bus overturned and you were knocked out. You missed quite an experience, I’ll tell you. None of us will ever forget it. The important thing, anyway, is that you made it through. We all did.”


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