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Ari Collins

Ari writes 55-word stories, short shorts, and occasionally just blogs some random thoughts. He’s been planning to write a serial novel for forever, but chances are he’ll never have the drive to do it. Besides Air Theremin, he runs 55 A Day – Short Stories for Short People.

Ari is 28 and lives near Syracuse, NY with a girl going by “The Pirate Librarian” even though she is, in fact, neither. He’s a Red Sox fan, but not annoying about it. He doesn’t have a degree, but he’s hoping to eventually get a Ph.D. in Horribleness.  He’s also extremely short.

Ari Collins is not his real name. He also goes by screen names like “Abbreviated Man” and “Better Hodgkins” (currently his favorite IM screen name if you wanna chat). He used to go by Carl Jeffries, and before that he went by his given name, which won’t be given.

I’m Ari Collins, and I approved this message.

Gretchen Chapman-Collins

I am not intangible but sometimes I think I might be.

Robert Gryfft

Much has been said about this controversial, popular, incredibly rich and definitively badass writer.
By him, yes. But it’s still been said.

My penance for being born is that I write stories about time travel or insane detectives.

My name is Robert Gryfft.

Jackson Ferrell

Jackson Ferrell likes words. He particularly likes to combine words with pictures. He lives in Ohio, where he uses his computer to share words and pictures with the internet. In addition to this blog, where his posts involve words and sometimes pictures, he runs the webcomics news blog This Week in Webcomics, which also involves words and sometimes pictures. He has a host of webcomics of his own which he updates whenever he feels like it, gosh. Do you want to see just pictures without the words? Behold, then, his DeviantArt gallery.

Jackson Ferrell thanks you for your interest in his words and/or pictures! He hopes you have benefited from viewing them.

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