I’ve Got This Idea


I want to have my first novel written already. I think that’s my big hurdle now, as a writer– once I get through the process once, it won’t be so daunting, because I’ll be able to draw on whatever I did the first time, and then I’ll be able to do the same thing again, and basically after I write my first novel I’ll rip myself off into infinity.

I have an idea for a novel! I’ve been extremely critical of myself, but I like this idea, because it is something that I consider easy and pandering, plus just enough of a twist for me to pretend I’m breaking new ground (the only new ground I will ever break will be when they bury me.)

Hit the jump to see what my fresh new take will be!

I’m going to write a romance novel. The main character will be physically attracted to a guy with whom she cannot form an emotional attachment, and then she’ll start talking to this artificial intelligence, with whom she’ll form a really intense bond. Then it turns out, the AI isn’t an AI, it’s been the physically attractive guy all along! But then it turns out that the AI their team has been working on is a sham, which breaks her trust in him, but then they reconcile when they create an actual artificial intelligence.

It will be the worst novel of all time, and my first. And then I’ll be one step closer to being able to write a novel without putting even one original thought into it.

Help me out here, guys?

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