He laughed and tried to wipe himself off, but the mud was sticky and the blood just smeared around. He finished his beer and threw the bottle over the railing, almost hitting her.

She stumbled backwards, catching herself on the railing. She closed her eyes for a long moment and felt the emptiness around them. She felt warm and full. The  muscles in her thighs were still twitching. Cool mountain air caressed her face; she slowly raised her arms and spread her fingers. When she opened her eyes, he was standing on the railing. Swaying.

She squinted up at him and moved her fingers to shield her eyes from the midday sun. “You haven’t been this relaxed for a while.”

He grasped a plastic card between his fingers and looked at it closely. A credit card. After a moment of consideration, he flicked it into the wind, and it was gone. He looked down at her. He laughed again, easily. He held up his driver’s license for a moment. Easily, he let it go. He turned his face skyward.

Her breath caught in her throat– and she changed her mind.

Just as she opened her mouth to tell him, he let himself fall.

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