Meta Force Five!!


Hero: Cyberfunk

Genre: Sci-Fi Detective

Primary Power: Obsessive Internet Stalking

Secondary Power: Saying “Neat-o!” so you don’t have to.



Hero: Marigold

Genre: Magical Realism

Primary Power: Blithely wandering through a beautifully self-contradictory world.

Secondary Power: Making chick lit acceptable to women with liberal arts degrees.



Hero: Lady Squeal

Genre: Horror

Primary Power: Being afraid of everything.

Secondary Power: But in a sexy way.



Hero: eSOP

Genre: Modern Myth

Primary Power: Finding symbolism in the clouds in your coffee.

Secondary Power: Getting Carly Simon stuck in your head.



Hero: Joe

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Primary Power: Pointing out our everyday shared illusions.

Secondary Power: Going, “We still have to live until we die, though, huh? Huh.”

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