And so it begins.

me:  D&D, PVP, R-E-S-P-E-C-T
me:  On my leet sheet I’m the guy to beat
Sebatinsky:  you should write one
me:  I larp while you carp about thaco ’til your wacko
Sebatinsky:  yeah, but I don’t actually want to say any of that
me:  You gotta thug it up.
Your minions got opinions they should pinion you to the engine
Sebatinsky:  dude — write it!
fo serious
we can have a rap off
me:  of a steampunk cadillac heading to the back of this whack attack
Sebatinsky:  if we do that
I might actually write some nerdcore and deliver it
Do you accept my challenge to a nerdtastic rap battle?
me:  I do!

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