Maybe this is why I can’t get laid.


This is a message I’m sending out regarding a first date. These date ideas may illuminate my problem.

Tuesday sounds good to me. I want to check out this museum but it would be closed by the time you could get there: Maybe another time?

What else could we do? Hmm. Besides grabbing a drink maybe (alcoholic, caffeinated, and/or sugar-filled), how about something active, like bowling or ping pong? I’m not particularly good at either, but enjoy them nonetheless, in an also-not-particularly-trying-to-get-better-at-them way. There’s ping pong in the city I know (ever been to Fat Cat?), and there’s this place very near me in Westfield that lets you use their tables once without their (exorbitant) membership. Alternately, if you’re huge into ping pong but Westfield killed your father, there’s a place in Somerset that charges $5 for a day of ping pong.

Or we could just sit in a cafe and make balloon animals and draw.


Here’s a silly Colin-trying-to-be-efficient idea: have you finished all of your Christmas shopping? I have not finished all of my Christmas shopping, and so if you have not finished all of your Christmas shopping, maybe we could finish all of our Christmas shopping. Or maybe that would be boring.

Let me know!


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