My New Blog and General Randomness


Fiction’s eluded me lately, what with school and balloons, so I thought I’d blog some random thoughts.

1. New blog! http://squeakylane.blogspot com/ is your one-stop shop for all things balloon animals. Clearly this is what has been missing in your life.

2. Fake tits are weird. A friend of mine in Buffalo dated a girl with fake tits, and he was crazy for it. But I’ve always been into a more natural look, even preferring girls with hairy armpits and weird orgasm faces, and so the last thing I want to see in bed is two perfect plastic globules. Seriously, you just wanna shake those things until snow starts falling on a miniature Kremlin. And most girls aren’t into that.

3. We didn’t have play dates when I was a kid, really, and I’m trying to make up for it. My “dates” lately have included ping pong, speed scrabble, apple picking, and crocheting. Now, granted, I haven’t gotten laid out of any of those dates. But I’ve at least had fun not getting laid, which is a nice change of pace.

4. Professors really can make or break a class. I love reading contemporary fiction much more than Old Dead White Guys, and so my Recent British Fiction class’ reading list has been introducing me to a lot of amazing authors, but the problem is that you can’t really talk about a book’s importance and place in the Western canon until some time has passed, and my professor isn’t doing a particularly good job of talking about these books’ influences or style or literary experiments. My Literary Modernism professor, on the other hand, is doing a great job of making me look forward to finishing Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein, if not look forward to actually reading them, just because of the fantastic discussions we have about intersections of social mores and economics and culture and  politics and artistic movements. I’ll probably learn a lot more about the contemporary fiction I’m reading by reviewing it, which I’ll do in this space sometime in December.

Until then,

Unexpectedly Yours,


One Response to “My New Blog and General Randomness”

  1. Sonja Says:

    I’m a jaded English student. I’ve never been too concerned myself with the importance of such and such work in a literary canon, mostly because it’s such a subjective social construct which reinforces too many negative ideas for my tastes.

    And apparently I’ve gravitated towards professors who seem to share my opinion because we never really discussed that in my literature classes (I mean, I think the most we talked about that was Huckleberry Finn and even then we were talking about whether or not it was overrated in the large scheme of things). Like, my professor always asks questions like, What is the Western Canon – who does it include (not individual authors per se, more like community/culture) and who does it exclude – that sort of thing.

    I’ve been taking a Caribbean lit class (which, by the way, is largely fucking depressing), and “Caribbean Lit” hasn’t even been around for a century. It might not be important for whatever the “western canon” is — but it’s still really, really important because it speaks about issues that most people are largely unaware of and is in the process of forging identity and culture for a people who have a legacy of slavery erasing their history and heritage.

    Oooh, unexpected rant. Sorry about that. As I said, jaded and experiencing a serious case of senior-itis.

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