Some word rambling I wrote on Write or Die


How is it that language shapes our thoughts? I suspect that it is in a way somehow profound, though I’m not sure of much beyond that. It doesn’t take long to see that the dialectic is a powerful tool of learning.

And it’s easy to speculate that thinking was different before the written word. After all, to write language is to create an abstraction of an abstract symbol (spoken language). The level of complexity of thought required would seem to be fairly high, which is to say that any semi-educated person alive today, certainly anyone able to read this, is capable of understanding a mind-blowing level of complex abstraction. And this is without getting into wordplay.

What is it that makes wordplay so deeply satisfying? I mean, I recognize that it’s not so satisfying to everyone, but I, at least, enjoy wordplay quite a bit, though I prefer it conversationally, rather than formally (that is, I’m not as good at it in writing).

I’m not positive whether this has anything to do with the satisfaction I derive from wordplay, but I do notice that I use it especially to impress women. It works fairly well, but I’d quite like to be capable of recording some of it for use down the road, or just for atemporal enjoyment.

Write or Die


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