Really Preliminary “Squeaky Lane” Webcomic Script


Criticism welcomed and likely warranted. “Somethingelse” is a placeholder name until I figure out what non-balloon-animal thing is gonna be married to Rabbit. Oh, that reminds me, maybe Somethingelse should have a hyphenated name… This isn’t the first comic necessarily, I guess I gotta get their names and relations to each other in there better though.

Panel 1:

Outside of school. Sign says, “Squeaky Lane HS Class of 2000 Reunion around back.”

Panel 2:

Rabbit: Hey, look, it’s Headless Hound.

Panel 3:

Harry Headless Hound at the punch table.

Panel 4:

Somethingelse: Ugh! High school boys have such cruel names for each other.
Rabbit: Oh darling, no, that’s a pretty common last name.

Panel 5:

Rabbit: For Balloon-Americans.
Somethingelse: Oh. Guess I’m still a bit ignorant of you people’s culture.
Rabbit: “You people?!”

Panel 6:

Giraffe: Honey, don’t worry about it. If your husband acts offended, he’s just trying to hide that he and his boys really were mean to poor Harry Headless Hound.

Panel 7:

Giraffe: We women know to treat the differently abled with the dignity they deserve.
Somethingelse: Oh, how adorable, look, he’s trying to drink from the punch bowl!

Panel 8:

Harry Headless Hound at the punch bowl.

Panel 9:

Giraffe and Somethingelse: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

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