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Vox is an erotic novella (not a novel really in length or form) that consists entirely of a sex line conversation between two kind-of-awesome people. It’s… I guess it’s a love story? Anyway, I know I totally fell in love. With both people! Here’s an excerpt:

“This is a miracle,” he said.

“It’s just a telephone conversation.”

“It’s a telephone conversation I want to have. I love the telephone.”

“Well, I like it too,” she said. “There’s a power it has. My sister’s little babe has a toy phone, which is white, with horses and pigs and ducks on the dial, and a blue receiver that has no weight to it at all, and I find there is an astonishing feeling of power when you pretend to be talking to someone on it. You cover the mouthpiece with your hand and you say in a dramatic whisper, ‘Stevie, it’s Horton the Elephant on the phone. He wants to speak to you!’ and you hand it over to Stevie and his eyes get big and you and he both for that second believe that Horton the Elephant really is on the phone. And then you get two phones going. Stevie’s on the white phone with the ducks and pigs, and I’m on the yellow phone with the wheels and eyes that move when you pull it along the floor, and I ask how Stevie’s doing and have a little conversation with him and then I say, ‘Stevie, would you like to speak to Paul?’ And Stevie says yes. Paul is a relative–this happened last time I was back home–and Paul, who’s sitting right there, gets this startled look, his hand automatically flies up to take the tiny plastic phone that I’m handing to him, he interrupts whatever real conversation he’s been having and he says, ‘Hello?’ and his smile is very complicated–he almost believes.”

“That’s right!” he said. “And here I am talking to you, and you truly are somewhere on the East Coast, and you’re wearing a bra!”

“Amazing as it may seem. What other words do you have for the things I’m looking down at right now and admiring?”

“Other words for breasts? Frans is the main one. Sometimes… frannies. Frans, nans, and Kleins. And I never thought ‘ass’ fit. Sometimes I think of a woman’s ass as a ‘tock.'”

“So then it follows that she has a ‘tockhole’ as well?”

“I never pushed it that far.”

“Kleins is strange. ‘I’m squeezing my big fleshy Kleins’? You sure?”

“I don’t know, I think Patsy Cline is a sexy name. I don’t even know who she is.”

“She’s a singer.”

“I know that much. Once I looked down the list of Kleins in the phone book and found one with a woman’s name spelled out, and God, it was everything I could not to call that number. In fact, I did call the number, and she answered, and I said, ‘Oh gosh, I must have the wrong number.’ And yet the Kleins I’ve known in real life haven’t been surrounded by a mysterious sexual power.”

“It’s that telephone.”

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