New Blog Idea


To be discussed Thursday? I hope my moving to NJ for a couple months ON THURSDAY (or possibly Friday) doesn’t interfere with the AT chat.

That wasn’t the blog idea.

This is the blog idea.

Parodies of

Or not parodies, really, but new versions of it.

“These Are Not The Hammer” (pictures of fists, of course)

“This Is Not In French” (Written in French?)

“This Is Not A Very Good Blog” (?)

“This Is Not A Penis” (picture of cigar)

We could make a pretty simple version of the painting with I guess just that brown background so we could put images and text in.

Name the blog “This Is Not In French”? “This Is Not A Good Blog Title”? “This Is Not A Good Idea for a Blog”?

Too simplistic? Not enough for a blog, here? Tumblr, maybe?

Note: someone already did a Super Mario Brothers version and a Portal, This Is Not A Cake version. Surprisingly, there aren’t really any good others.


One Response to “New Blog Idea”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    Not bad. Not really sure it’s enough for a blog. It’d make a good post.

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