More sketches


I’m trying to be a little more open. These are some of the sketches that are not hot shit. But they’re ok. and I think they help show the way I think, the way I draw, or at least the breadth of my messing around.

Moleskine sketch book drawing -- car jump

moleskine sketch journal drawing -- golem

moleskine sketch journal drawing -- orchidmoleskine sketch journal drawing -- girl

I use moleskine journal sketchbooks. They fit in my back pocket and come in packs of three.

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3 Responses to “More sketches”

  1. Artswebshow Says:

    I put a lot of value on sketches.
    These are exactly what they should be

  2. Zel Kuroi Says:

    Those are great! And not just for their function as intermediary gems on the way to glory. Never shortchange yourself when it comes to your drawing talent, because there are lots of people (ZEL) who really love seeing when people can express themselves in visual media.

  3. Sebatinsky Says:

    Interesting tidbit — only one of these sketches ever made it to a finished product, though 3 of the 4 were intended to.

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