HW Round Four


Homework Round Four starts immediately.

Anyone is eligible to enter a project for this week. The project must require at least the effort required to write 1,000 words, must require a significant degree of Imagination, and must be in some way open-ended. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Thursday May 6 will net you TWO (2) points. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Friday May 7 will net you ONE (1) point.

Comment on this post to propose HW for the week. Your HW can be something you were going to do anyway. Any HW you have previously attempted or completed may be built on for a new Homework Assignment. Anyone can sign up — just leave a comment with the HW you plan to take on!

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2 Responses to “HW Round Four”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:


    I will be illustrating a children’s book. My homework is to get a final draft with pagination for the book and do rough thumbnails for the project.

    • Sebatinsky Says:


      I will be submitting appx 2k words on witchcraft as a ritual of violence in early modern Europe. This is a followup on the draft I submitted a couple weeks ago.

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