HW Round Three


Homework Round Three starts at 12:00 noon central time Monday, April 26.

Once Round Three has started, anyone is eligible to enter a project for this week. The project must require at least the effort required to write 1,000 words, must require a significant degree of Imagination, and must be in some way open-ended. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Thursday April 29 will net you TWO (2) points. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Friday April 30 will net you ONE (1) point.

Comment on this post to propose HW for the week. Your HW can be something you were going to do anyway. Any HW you have previously attempted or completed may be built on for a new Homework Assignment. Anyone can sign up — just leave a comment with the HW you plan to take on!

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4 Responses to “HW Round Three”

  1. Nelson Blaha Says:

    So it can be something I was going to do anyway, with the addition of a 1000-word story about how I did it? The 1000 words “effort” has me confused.

    • Sebatinsky Says:

      It can be something you were going to do anyway, so long as it’s about the same effort as writing 1,000 words. So if you do something in writing, it should either be roughly 1,000 words or it should for some reason be harder than normal if it is shorter.

      For instance, 55 word stories are much harder than writing conversationally or formally; one wouldn’t do, but you also wouldn’t need to write 1,000 words of 55s.

      If it’s not writing, it just has to be roughly on par effort-wise: Jackson did 3 comic strips last time. If you’ve never done a comic strip, one strip may be the right effort level.

      So, no. There is no 1,000 word requirement on top of the HW.

      Remember also that it should be open-ended in some way, and something you’re interested in. I’ll be following up on my 1000 words on athism, extending it to 2000 or so. I expect Jackson will do more comic strips.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. gryfft Says:

    Excellent work, Sebs. I was going to do this, really. It’s been a tough week.

    My not-for-points Homework is going to be a serialized story based on the ideas of my stoner friends.

  3. Sebatinsky Says:

    Oh yeah. And my HW: at least another thousand words on atheism. It should be a lot more coherent and readable this time.

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