Sunday’s Homework Assignments.


Air Theremin’s first round of Homework Assignments went reasonably well, even if they came out somewhat unstructured and a little rough. As a matter of fact, that’s a GREAT thing: the first round of homework is about feeling out what you’re interested in doing, and then exploring the mindspace you’ll inhabit once you commit to it.

Continue reading to see everyone’s scores and learn about next week’s Homework.

Sebatinsky wrote a short treatise on modern atheism. He completed this assignment before the first deadline and received two points..

Tyler created a handmade launch control box for a model rocket. He completed the assignment before the first deadline and received two points.

Zel Kuroi translated two songs into Latin. She completed the assignment before the first deadline and received two points.

Ari Collins, Westin, Nelson Blaha and Jackson Ferrell all entered, but did not complete their assignments before the deadline.

The Scoreboard:

1. Sebatinsky: 2 (TWO)

2. Tyler: 2 (TWO)

3. Zel: 2 (TWO)

Good work, guys! The three of you are tied for first, but not for long…

Homework Round Two starts at 12:00 noon central time Sunday, April 18.

Once Round Two has started, anyone is eligible to enter a project for this week. The project must require at least the effort required to write 1,000 words, must require a significant degree of Imagination, and must be in some way open-ended. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Wednesday April 21 will net you TWO (2) points. Completing your homework project by 12:00 noon Thursday April 22 will net you ONE (1) point.

At this point I will ask the readers of Air Theremin to vote for which completed project they believe to be the rockin’est. Voting will commence at 1:00 Thursday, and the polls will close at 12:00 noon Friday April 24. Each reader or contributor to Air Theremin has ONE (1) vote. Whichever project receives the most votes by noon Friday will receive a bonus of TWO (2) points.

Comment on this post to propose a Homework Assignment for the week. Your Homework Assignment can be something you were going to do anyway. Any Homework Assignment you have previously attempted or completed may be built on for a new Homework Assignment. The purpose of Homework Assignments is merely to give the most talented people I know a forum and point system to accomplish the most they can with the resources available to them, and recognize those who perform exceptionally in their chosen creative outlets.

Let the games begin.

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5 Responses to “Sunday’s Homework Assignments.”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    I will write appx 1000 words on rituals of violence in early modern Europe as a means for social control, especially as they relate to gender. I will use witchcraft and witch trials as my primary example.

  2. gryfft Says:

    Accepted. Make it happen.

  3. Jackson Says:

    I think I can do two comic strips by Wednesday. I’ve also drawn some C2E2 doodle comics that I can pretty much just scan in and post to TWiW. That’ll be my homework: two strips, and one doodle with commentary.

  4. gryfft Says:

    Accepted. Make it so.

  5. Sunday's Homework Assignments. Says:

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