Two points to Gryffindor.



I mean Tyler. He finished the control box for his rocket!

I award Tyler two points for the completion of this portion of his rocketry project.

55aday’s own Zel Kuroi has decided to participate in Homework Assignments as well. She has performed the following translation, (of this song)  for which I award her two points.

“Tryst With Mephistopheles” by Owen Pallett
I stumbled on the summit’s path, clumsy, clumsy, no paragon am I,
I can’t even keep my shoes tied.
I’ve been in love with Owen ever since I heard the strains of Psalm 21,
Standing between the choirs, as they sang, “Laudate Dominum, Laudate Dominum.”
Damn, I wrote it down, but I left it in the pocket of my other jeans,
Scrawled across the foolscap, “I don’t know what your devotion means, I don’t know what your devotion means.”
And up upon the summit I can see the one I worshipped as a boy,
The Creator, the Great White Noise, the Great White Noise.
Charged and charging up the ridge, the chests are empty, the coffers too,
They float in the flood and so will you, I swear, so will you.
“Your light is spent, your light is spent!” I cried, as I drove the iron spike into Owen’s eyes,
The sun sped ‘cross the plains like that cinematic moment where humanity and nature collide,
When you think everything’s gonna be all right,
Just before the hero gets a bullet in his side, the hero gets a bullet in his side.
Whizzing off the clifftop, listening for the spatter thirty floors below,
Down, down come the vultures, I will not be your fuel anymore.
Now the author has been silenced, how will they ever decipher me?
I hope they hear these words and are convinced you never even knew me.
I draw a bruise on your brawny shoulder, scratch my fingers o’er your tattoos,
The author has been removed.
“Congressus cum Mephistophele”
In calle culminis pedem offendi, inhabilis, inhabilis, nullum specimen sum,
Ne calcea mea nodata servare quidem possum.
Owenem amavi ex hoc tempore ubi modos Psalmi XXI audivi,
Inter choros starens, dum “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord” cecinerunt.
Heu, id scripsit, sed in sacculo alterarum bracarum id reliquit,
Per chartam male scriptum “Nescio quid studium tuum significet, nescio quid studium tuum significet.”
Et super culmine videre possum quem cum puer essem colui,
Creatorem, Strepitum Magnum Album, Strepitum Magnum Album.
Corroboratus incurrensque sursum in dorso, armaria vacua sunt, arcae quoque,
In diluvio fluitant et etiam to fluitabis, iuro, etiam tu.
“Lux tua exhausta est, lux tua exhausta est!” exclamavit, ut in oculos Owenis clavum trabalem ferreum compuli,
Sol per planities festinavit velut temporis momentum cinematei ubi homines rerumque natura confligerunt,
Ubi credes omnia incolumia futura esse,
Vix antequam vir in latere eius glandeam plumbeam acciperet,
Vix antequam vir in latere eius glandeam plumbeam acciperet.
De apice rupis increpans, infra XXX tabulatis impulsum cruentum auscultans,
Deorsum, deorsum vultures veniunt, non diutius alimentum tuum ero.
Posteaquam auctor compressus est, quomodo umquam me enodabunt?
Spero eos haec verba audituros esse sibique persuasum esse te ne umquam me quidem scivisse.
In umero lacertoso tuo contusionem delineo, digitis meis cutem pictam tuam rado,
Auctor sublatus est.
“Lewis Takes Action” by Owen Pallett
I got a message for the acolytes, I am your man for a wifey fight.
I got a thirst for liquid gold, I’ll bludgeon ‘til the body’s cold.
The stony hiss of cockatrice has cast us into serfdom.
I close my eyes and spur Imelda down the mountainside for a liberated Spectrum.
I took No-Face by his beak and broke his jaw, he’ll never speak again.
I took No-Face by his beak and broke his jaw, he’ll never speak again.
My every move is guided by the bidding of the singer.
The night is split by the whistle of my amber whip and the fire from my fingers.
“Lewis Agit”
Nuntium cultoribus habeo, vir tuus sum pugnae uxoriae.
Sitis auri liquidi habeo, sugillabo donec corpus frixerit.
Sibilus lapideus anguis in servitium nos iecit.
Oculos meos premo Imeldamque latere montis concito, liberati Spectri causa.
Nullum-Orem rostro eius comprehendi maxillamque eius fregi, numquam rursus dicet.
Nullum-Orem rostro eius comprehendi maxillamque eius fregi, numquam rursus dicet.
Quisque motus meus ab iusso cantatoris rectus est.
Nox ab stridore flagelli electri mei igneque ex digitis meis fissa est.

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