There’s a brand new game in town, and it starts with homework assignments.

Let me explain. I want to do everything I can to better my life and the lives of those around me. Which means I need to start volunteering, altering my lifestyle, and encouraging those around me to engage in the most constructive and incredible things they’re capable of.

I got me some really intelligent and talented and brilliant friends, so I see this turning out well. If they apply themselves.

To keep myself applied and keep my friends applied too, I’m assigning homework assignments. My homework assignment for tonight is to do my homework, run 3 miles, and do some legal research. I’ll go ahead and mention a few homework assignments here:

I’m asking Ari to write me a thousand words by midnight Tuesday morning. It doesn’t matter what they are.

I’m asking Sebatinsky to write a thousand words on new atheism as a postmodern construct. (Or something.)

I’m asking my friend Tyler to do research to build a rocket to send into space.

I’m asking Bill to swim a hundred laps, help his little brother get a computer, and do research on ultralight aircraft.

Homework projects have three requirements: They must be imaginative, they must require at least a baseline level of effort, and they must be open-ended. You may change your homework assignment at any time, but in time hopefully you will home in on something that you’re happy spending most of your time doing.

This round of homework is due Tuesday the 13th at midnight (12:00AM.) If you want to talk to me about a homework assignment, catch  me at neo.homsar at gmail dot com. Fulfilling this round of homework will net you 1 (one) point. Completing your homework before midnight Monday the 12th will net you TWO (2) points.

Feel free to sound off in the comments about your homework assignment if you  have one already. AT’ers, please AT your homework when it’s done!

Go go go go go, gentlemen.

EDIT: The wording of this is apparently confusing. The deadline has now been extended to 11:59 PM April 13. Homework completed before 11:59 PM my time tonight will receive two points. Homework completed after that and before tomorrow night’s deadline will receive one point.

Make shit happen.

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2 Responses to “Homework.”

  1. Jackson Says:

    I want a homework assignment. I want my homework assignment to be to complete this $20 graduation invitation illustrations project that my friend Will has hired me to do.

    Gryfft already knows about this.

  2. Nelson Blaha Says:

    My homework assignment: study for tomorrow’s test. Unimaginative, I know, but practical.

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