Photovoltaic Leguminous Organic Wetware Electroservo Robot


Thing needs some polishing. Don’t know if it’s ever gonna be 55, either, though those’ve been famous last words of mine.

“Thank god we shut that thing down before it could activate these. Whatever they were supposed to do.”

Ms. Selkirk held two of the strange little spheres in fortunate locations. Her blouse was still held in PhLOWER’s prehensile flytrap mouth. Dr. Montcalm’s corpse rested in the embrace of vines that had suddenly scrabbled for wall-mounted fiberoptic jacks, his hands clutching the switch that had closed the lab skylight.

Dr. Fenkus draped a lab coat around Ms. Selkirk’s shoulders, and they limped out together.

One of the spheres littering the lab floor wiggled, and a crack formed. A tiny metallic vine pushed its way out. And began to stretch towards the skylight switch.

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