Don’t think I’ve posted this before.


And by the way? It’s story time, all the time.

Read on:

“I think that’s pretty weird,” I said.
“That what is?” Geneto said, picking away at the edges of his OKCupid profile on his netbook.
“You. Making up those fake profiles. Talking to girls under false pretenses.” I looked behind myself. “That shit’s creepy, dude.”
Geneto sighed and pushed his glasses all the way back up his nose. “It’s an exercise, Gary. For myself, in character creation; for my creation, in its own, twisted, manually-driven Turing test, as it flutters about a fictional little life, with its own dramas, its ups and downs, and her reaction to them.”
I stared at him as he continued, unmoved, to type away at his netbook.
I shook my head. “You’re a psychopath, dude.”
“Sociopath,” he said, never missing a keystroke. “I’m not necessarily psychotic, I simply don’t operate within the social norms you believe I should. From your perspective, I am a sociopath. From my perspective, I am a budding actor as well as a negotiator, instigator and people-mover. I need to get out there and crack some heads. So sue me if I multitask these things with dates.”
He stood. “I have to get going. Jeremy Hemlock has a date in an hour.”
I stared him down. “Well, you have a great one, Geneto. Have a really great day. But tell Jeremy to fuck right off for me, will you?”

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One Response to “Don’t think I’ve posted this before.”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    Why are there two of them?

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