The Grammar of Silence


“No, listen,” she said. “There’s a grammar to silence. You don’t have to talk constantly. Let’s just… listen.”

I sat there on her dorm bed, awkwardly trying to pretend I was listening to silence.

But eventually I actually did start to hear… something. There was a grammar to it. Phrases, clauses, verbs, questions, and exclamations.

“You know,” I said finally, “you’re really pretty awesome. Can I see you… more often? Like, not just to buy drugs from you?”

She stood up quickly, handed me the stuff, and pushed me out the door.

“What’d I do wrong?” I said to a closed door.

She opened it again. “You ended a silence with a proposition.” And the door slammed shut once more.


One Response to “The Grammar of Silence”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Hehehe. Clever

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