An Ottoman Anecdote


Selim I was emperor of the Ottoman state from 1512-1520. He is better known as Selim the Grim.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Mr. Grim was his conquest of the Mamluk empire in the Middle East – more than doubling the size of the Ottoman empire. After conquering the region, Selim rode home with his armies, leaving the former Mamluk empire in the control of one of its previous ruling class, instated as governor. One of Selim’s advisors asked the emperor why they had gone to the trouble to take over this new land if they were just leaving it in the control of its previous rulers. Selim turned to the advisor, drew his sword, and cut the man’s head off. Questioning the emperor was a grim business.

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One Response to “An Ottoman Anecdote”

  1. aricollins Says:

    Good story. But I was disappointed at the lack of furniture.

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