Japanese Spam Microfiction


So I got 11 different comments in Japanese on one of the 55-word stories from Gryfft. Thanks to some advice I should’ve thought of before, I tried translating them on Google. Turns out that yeah, they’re spam, but some of them sound like whacked-out 55s. Here are the best ones:

Young people on board ran away from home has been recently introduced in the media has been runaway girl wrote a number of messages that stay the local cafes in walking across the country. They are going to play as soon as I met a man I have no money on board. Why even write you back an answer

Cyberfriend recruiting field playing with “free love” is a reverse version of the national community to help support the Horseman everyone! If you also want a serious relationship with a girl, please register now for free from even more women and people戯Retai

Esu the first site created. Purofu has created so hard I’ve made friends here. I do not have Purofu tempered person who showed it to friends if Mel? I put so please contact addy.

Leading role in a host of amateur men, can receive a high reward I’ll just heal the woman’s body. Frustration and a married woman, seeking a man in Irasshaimasu site deai no men and women. If you are interested, please page TOP

I simple and once your diagnosis SM, SM checker checks the tendency was once hidden! That girl is a serious and night S De Queen, there is a desire to want to be Me and him actually a tsundere Idi! ?盛Ri上Garou and fun tool no mistake that everyone gets off and drinking comparator

If one man who is much interested in making Saffle, even when women actually think that SEX is like a friend when you can. Agemasen you meet the needs of such women

“Nde I ran away from home, do not you just stay?” On the bulletin board has been a runaway from girls like this write every day. We can give them her home and nearby area at the hotel, you should thank me for my best and give you just play

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