This Week in Webcomics reviewed “Marooned” last Friday


Webcartoonists, more so than others in the comic industry, have to be jacks of all trades. At a major comic company, a project typically employs a sizable team–a writer, penciler/inker, colorist, letterer, project director, marketer, and more–and a staff member rarely has to fill more than two of these roles. Even the syndicated cartoonist has his editors, helping him polish his strip and weed out unfeasible jokes. Ostensibly, anyway. The webcartoonist, in comparison, has to wear a lot of hats. For this reason, it helps to be completely and utterly off his rocker. Even if a webcartoonist is not crazy, he may soon become crazy, simply because he has so many hats to wear.

Today we’re looking at mad hatter Tom Dell’Aringa and his comic Marooned.

(read the rest of the review at This Week in Webcomics)

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