Quick Draft: Wave Chain


I told her I’d be the one outside the coffee shop wearing a vintage G.I. Joe shirt, but I still don’t know what Emily looks like. Mike said his sister was a looker, so I wave at the first cutie I see. She gives me a hard look and walks past., making me feel a mite embarassed A minute or so later another girl walks by, and I figure the first girl’s long gone, ain’t nobody gonna see me wave at this girl too. I wave at five more girls before one of them waves back.

“You Emily?” I ask, smoothing my hair.

“Sure am,” she says. Mike didn’t tell me she was taller than me. She asks, “Did you think all six of those girls were me?” She pats me on my cheek. “Let’s grab that coffee.”

Been a year and I’ve never regained the upper hand.

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2 Responses to “Quick Draft: Wave Chain”

  1. sonjanitschke Says:

    It’s like the Wife of Bath, only backwards.

  2. gryfft Says:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    The Web’s Best 2 Girls 1 Cup Parodies

    I think this says it all.

    Good story.

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