Just Realized Who The Mousetrap Was For


Touche, good sir. Touche, touche, touche.

That should be  a rap song. “Touche, touche, touche my tushy,” or something. I don’t know how often the kids today say ‘tushy’ but it would be okay in the song I know it.

Anyway, writing a time travel story to lure me back into writing? Clever as hell.

Of course that’s arrogant as all fuck but hey. I needed to come back. I’m not saying I’m back, but I’m not saying I’m not.

Anyway, hugs all around.

I can’t remember very much from the dream I had last night, but there was a nude hug orgy in a pool. It’s a unique feeling to be held afloat by multiple other people.

In my dream last night my father’s mental breakdown had progressed very, very far. This was probably because I watched ‘Choke’ last night and was thinking about what it would be like to lose a parent to dementia. The strangest thing was the way his face changed. So much about a person’s features, so many of the things we love about a person consist not in the pure physical features but what they do with them. My father’s face looked almost like a different man’s. He was pale, his eyes crinkled constantly in concentration and occasionally childish amusement. He had a steady job, one that didn’t require him to think too much. He ordered hypoallergenic adult products from Amazon and eBay and resold them elsewhere for huge profit.

The underground parking garage wasn’t just a parking garage. It was a free parking garage and automated psychic reading. Whenever you drove in through the gate, the machine would spit out an envelope at you, containing a printed message, item of media, or some piece of someone else’s life like an expired driver’s license or old love note. Everyone thought the psychic part was bullshit, of course, but it was free parking in the city, and the fortunes were often amusing, disturbing or otherwise interesting.

My girlfriend and I are very happy right now. There is nothing in the universe I love more than the look in her eyes when our faces are close.

She has a lot of old pain that surfaces occasionally and I can only help however I can. It hurts that there isn’t more I can do to soothe her without risking losing her and our life together altogether. It would be more romantic if I just took the risks to soothe her heart, but the possibility of even greater pain as a result could destroy her. I cannot let that happen.

I’m sleeping in really late lately, but it’s nice to finally sleep at all. I’ve been staying up late then waking up early, so having a couple days off to catch up on sleep is a good thing.

I love you all. Colin, stay strong. You’re a badass, and you’re gonna get it together, I know it.

Jenny, you’re a one-of-a-kind gal, and you didn’t really post here that often. I wish you well.

Alright, kids. Let’s do this.

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One Response to “Just Realized Who The Mousetrap Was For”

  1. aricollins Says:

    Thanks dude.

    Also, nice taggage.

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