I Know About Oil


Finished the story and put it up on 55aday.  I’m not sure it actually makes sense, and I think it might in fact walk the line between awesomely ambiguous and amateurishly ambiguous, but at least either way I’ve got alliteration working for me.  I also worry, content-wise, that I’m either a messed-up person or a wannabe-messed-up person, and I’m not sure which is worse.  But: I absolutely adore the voice I got into!  I don’t do enough not-me voices in my writing.  Anyways anywho, here’s the story.

At least I gots my creative juices flowing now.  I have ideas for the next like 3 55s.  Whoo!  (Although probably 2 of those will prove unworkable.  Whoo?)

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