55aday Searches


Time for another edition of “what weird searches are taking people to 55aday?”:


“not hot anger” po

npr 55 word stories

fensturbation [twice, and actually a lot of people are searching for this one lately… are more people reading English as a Second F*cking Language (the originator of the word far as I can tell)?]

short stories snow storm, husband walks in, painted door

short stories by people

“his dick was tiny” my brother

Les Derniers Bourreaux

cash register appears short

bored of the flies

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2 Responses to “55aday Searches”

  1. quillsandzebras Says:

    What *are* your stories about? 😉

    My favourite is “fensturbation”… sounds like a combination between masturbation and defenestration. Brings curious images to mind!

  2. Ari Collins Says:

    Haha, yeah, since there are 400+ stories, they’re about a whole ton of things. Including “fensturbation” (from a guest story at http://www.55aday.com/2008/03/fensturbation.html, the number one Google result for “fensturbation”), which is a made-up word for sex with someone’s ear, and “his dick was tiny”, which is a phrase from my ridiculous story “Sosumi” (http://www.55aday.com/2007/07/sosumi.html). “Falseties”, “Les Derniers Bourreaux”, and “Bored of the Flies” are all titles of Guest Stories.

    Basically, because there’s such a wide range of authors and story themes, I get a LOT of strange searches.

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