Sent in an application to be a reviewer for E-Fiction Book Club…


… a site I like one way or another and to which I will refer as EFBC, because this is the internet. They’re here:

So while I was writing the email to them, I decided to quickly outline my philosophy on literary criticism, which might be worth a read. So here you go:

One last thing that I think is important is my philosophy of criticism. It’s my belief that many reviewers, including otherwise excellent ones, have a tendency to spend too much time analyzing a work’s place within a movement, or its importance, or its place within the author’s canon. I believe that those things are indeed important to discuss, but I also think that we can get too caught up in that kind of reviewing and forget to tell people what the actual work is like. What I enjoyed in it and what I think YOU will enjoy about it. I think sometimes reviewers want to prove that they are Serious Literary Reviewers. I think sometimes we forget what it’s like to read reviews, and what we want out of reviews as readers. Which is the basic question: is this thing worth my time?

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