I woke, hearing something. I opened my eyes but did not move. A silhouetted figure was crawling through my second story window. I let my hand slide off the edge of my bed, and felt the hilt of my naked sword.

I slid off my bed, away from the window and toward the door, putting the bed between myself and the intruder. Its eyes locked with mine. He looked like a man, but the creature opened his mouth to allow a sinister hiss to escape, and I caught a glimpse of reddened teeth in the moonlight. My home was not the first to be visited tonight.

The thing advanced on me slowly, but stopped when I threatened him with my sword. He reached behind his back and pulled a wicked looking knife, and again began to move around the bed, toward me.

I saw this as an impasse, but certainly one I could not win. I sidled toward the door, and I saw him glance at my potential escape route. Nothing he could do, without getting stabbed. I reached with my empty hand toward the door and pulled it open. The thing wasn’t moving closer any longer – I could probab — ah! I was tackled from behind. The sword fell from my grip when I hit the ground, but I scrabbled to regain it. There was a pain, then tearing at my neck. Oh God! I tried…. I wanted… I…

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