55aday Guest Story Sunday!


So I’ve got plenty of backlog stories for 55aday, but I got two actual new submissions this week! (Though I’m not sure both are going up.) Both from people who haven’t been on 55aday before, either, though I know one’s been a longtime lurker.

If you have any stories that have been kicking around, now’s the time to get them in. Guest Story Sunday is awesome, I should have done it this way to begin with. It’s like I get a day off that’s ALSO a day of unwrapping the week’s presents. (There are stories INSIDE THE PRESENTS, you see. It’s a metaphor.)

Overall I’m really happy with running 55aday again. I’ve written a few good stories in the last two weeks or so. And some bad ones, but some of the good ones have been fantastic. And it feels nice to get some readership back (with the help of a banner ad I placed, but still). It’s good to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile that people like and that forms a bit of a community.

I should organize my thoughts on it at some point and write something longer about 55aday. But for now, back to writing.

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2 Responses to “55aday Guest Story Sunday!”

  1. jstplnkt Says:

    “long time lurker, first time writer.”


  2. aricollins Says:

    “Sarcasm… that’s original!”

    (And if you weren’t referencing that, I apologize for making no sense.)

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