An Encounter


The youths stepped into the path of the scavenging crew.

“I’m Dastard D, and my boys will be taking that cart. Step away and head on home.”

“Look kid,” said the big man in front. “I understand what you’re getting at, and I do appreciate that your friend there has a gun. But we just spent all day in a city infested with vamps. We’re not afraid of them, so we’re sure as fuck not afraid of you. You should go find somebody else to hassle, and we’ll get on with our day.”

“Oh yeah? And what’s to stop us from taking what we want?”

“There’s more of us than there are of you. We’re bigger, we’re older. You’ve got a gun and some big knives,” he said, gesturing at the youth’s sword, “so violence isn’t going to go well for either side. What say we just walk away?”

D nodded at his companion, who shot the big scavenger in the belly.

“Anyone else have something to say?”

“Yeah,” called one man over the groans of the wounded.

A slim man, he stepped forward and threw a knife into the shoulder of the gunman. He fell, clutching his arm, and several scavengers rushed forward with their knives and machetes.

D, sword already drawn, stepped forward and cut into the neck of the closest scavenger. he turned, catching the machete of another on the base of his blade. He grabbed the scavenger’s wrist with his left hand and twisted the man’s arm, sweeping him to the ground. A quick downwards chop took care of him.

The youth looked up and saw one of his gang being cut down. Five more were already dead, and Jeff –

D rushed in to help, but by the time he had taken a step, Jeff was gutted and screaming on the ground. D was alone, and there were still six scavengers. He looked frantically for the gun.

“Looking for this?”

The slim knife thrower stepped forward, holding up the pistol.

“Seems to me you’d best be on your way.”

“Fuck you! I’ll fuck you up!”

“Ut-ut! Step back, save your own life and get moving.”

“It’s almost dark! On my own, the fucking vamps will get me!”

“Yeah,” the slim man said, and he shot D in the left knee. “They will.”

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