A Walk in the City


They were so noisy.

They clunked around in their heavy boots, dragging a clanging cart packed with scrap. They walked out in the bright street, staying tight as they ended their day’s scavanging and headed for home.

She followed for a few blocks and watched as one detatched himself from the group, in her direction.

“Jake!” called one from behind the scrap cart. “Kid! Don’t walk off on your own like that!”

“It’s all right,” he called over his shoulder. “I’ll be right back – I think I saw some rope over here.”

“Kid, I said get the fuck back here!”

Jake hesitated near a doorway – and was suddenly gone. She had braved the light for just a moment and dragged him into the building with her.

The group rallied at Jake’s scream; they ran at the gloomy threshold, pulling weapons and screaming in anger. By the time they arrived there was only a splatter of blood.

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