Learning to Drive


me: Nervous about driving today.
Haven’t driven in 5 years.
And that drive actually ended pretty badly.
The gas is on the left, break on the right?

Robert: Yes.
Yes it is.

me: That’s about all I remember.
Red is stop, green is go, yellow is go faster.
(Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not learning from my dad this time around.)

Robert: (By the way, you got the pedals reversed if you weren’t kidding. It pains me to lose this potential source of comedy.)

me: Goddamnit.
I wasn’t kidding.

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3 Responses to “Learning to Drive”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    Awwww – I don’t know whether to type a smilie or sadface.

  2. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Wow. That’s an amazing exchange. That is possibly even worse than the time I turned onto the wrong side of a street, thinking it was a one-way street–during my driver’s test.

  3. aricollins Says:

    Friend of mine had a driver’s test where the guy asked, “Can you parallel park?” He said, “No.” And the test giver just said, “Okay, we’ll skip that then.”

    Here’s hoping that guy is still giving driving tests in Boston.

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